Hideout by Phoebe

“Everyone knew that Savannah was the greatest animal lover and animal expert the town of Cedarville had ever known,”(p.4). Her desperate attempts to keep her dog Luthor was the subject of Gordon Korman’s book Hideout. This great realistic fiction book takes place in present day Cedarville, New York. I chose this book for my blog because I had read the first book in the series, Swindle, and I wanted to read another one of Gorden Korman’s books.

The protagonist in Hideout is Savannah. She is eleven-years-old and in sixth grade. Savannah is brave. When she knows that she can get in big trouble for what she is doing, she takes the risk. Savannah has to hide Luthor at her friend’s camp because S. Windle Polimino is trying to take Luthor back. He wants to get revenge on them and get money off of Luthor from the dog shows he does. Savannah knows that if she gets caught she will get in serious trouble. Savannah is also loyal. Savannah is loyal to her dog when she promises that he will not get taken away and that if he does then she will make sure to get him back. At first Savannah does not trust her friends so much and she is to scared to leave Luthor at her friend’s camps, but she gains trust in them when they start to like Luthor more.

There are three different parts in Hideout. Part 1 is definitely my favorite. Savannah has to hide Luthor at three different camps (each camp is a different part), her camp, Ben’s camp, and Melissa and Logan’s camp. In the first part she hides Luthor at her camp (she is also with Griffin). Griffin and Savannah decide to hide Luthor in a little shed by a lake that is in the middle of the woods. The lake is known to have a monster in it. Somehow S. Windle Palomino finds out where Luthor is and hires a man who pretends to be a scientist at the camp. Eventually, the man finds Luthor and tries to steal him, but luckily Griffen and Savannah are there when the man finds Luthor. When the man arrives and finds Luthor, Savannah and Griffen are there. Griffen finds a stick and hits the man hard on the head with it. While the man was knocked out, Savannah and Griffen grab Luthor and hop in the rowboat that is on the shore. Griffen and Savannah paddle away as quick as they can into the middle of the lake. When the man wakes up he gets his motorboat and chases after them. When the man is about to hit the rowboat, the monster, which turned out to be a submarine, pops up and hits the motorboat. The motorboat almost flipped over and the man fell out. He could not swim and was drowning, but Luthor jumped out of the roaboat and saves him. The man decides to quit working for S. Windle Palimino after Luthor saved him. What do you think will happen in the other parts? Will S. Windle Polimino get Luther back or will Savannah get to keep Luthor?

The theme for Hideout is friendship. That is the theme because Savannah has to trust her friends that they will not let Luthor get taken away. The friends all have to work together to prevent that and when bad things happen they are always there for each other.

Hideout is a fantastic book. It has a mystery in every chapter. Gorden Korman makes you want to keep on reading the book to find out what happens next. I love how the author relates each start of each book to the book before it. For example, Gorden Koman took his book Show Off, and related the end of that book into the start of Hideout. If you like to read mysteries or like Gorden Korman’s book than I reccomend this book to you.

TOMBOY by Sarah

Have you ever thought that you were stuck in the wrong body or that you wanted to be a different gender? Tomboy, by Liz Prince, is a wonderful graphic memoir that shows the life of a true tomboy. It takes place in 1986 in a small town outside of Boston. I chose this book because graphic novels are what changed my reading life and opened me up to more genres.

Liz Prince is the protagonist in Tomboy. She is in no way a girly-girl and in no way a boy… she is a tomboy. She is a rebellious girl and she likes to do boyish things and play with the boys. She got bullied about her appearance and people would use curse words at her. During Liz’s life she always dressed like a boy. She wore a baseball hat, Green Day tee shirt, worn out blue jeans, and sneakers. When Liz was in middle school, the boys were told to go to the gym with the gym teacher and the girls were to go to the library with the librarian. The librarian showed the girls a movie/slideshow about things that they needed to know. Liz now is sixteen and she really wants glasses, luckily for her she gets them. at the eye docter she makes a big scene and her mom was very embarrassed. At Liz’s school she met a girl named Phyllis, Phyllis is a rebellious girl on the outside but on the inside she is really sweet. She brought Liz’s rebellious side out, by teaching her how to smoke. A couple months later, Liz and Phyllis are in their smoking spot and they hear a noise, it was three boys, they mentioned that it was finally good to see the mysterious smoking ladies. Liz and Philys laughed, The boys told them about their school they went to and how they let them do anything they wanted with no supervision! Liz and Philys wanted to go to that school so bad. Finally they got in to Tutorial (the name of that school the boys mentioned.) Liz has a boyfriend at the same time, Phylis has another boyfriend (did I mention she has had like 4-5 boyfriends?) Will people accept Liz as she is, or will people threaten to hurt her? Find out in Tomboy

Throughout the book, Liz never wanted to be like all the other girl, she wanted to dress like she felt and she wanted to feel like she wanted. Her mother and father were supporting and loved Liz just the way she was. Liz made so many friends that were tomboys to.

I loved the theme and style of this book. Tomboy is one of my favorite books, and I recommend it to teens over the age of fourteen. The theme was to never listen to what other people say about your appearance, You can be a girl wearing boxers and long shirts, or you can be a boy with long hair and wears makeup, Those are just stereotypes. The style is an amazing graphic novel with so much creativity.

Games People Play by Alex

Have you ever wondered what the actual truth is about games? The truth lies in Eric Berne’s scientific book, Games People Play. In this book, you will find out what “C (Con) + G (Gimmick) = R (Response) –––> X (Switch) –––> P (Payoff)” (page ten) means. I chose this book since I’m the kind of guy who likes psychology.

Eric Berne categorized different games based on what the games are like on the psychological level. The first game, called kick me, is where the responder (player B) lies, since player A asks a question with an obvious answer, such as, “Who broke this vase?!” Another game, Cops and Robbers, has the cops (player A) and the robbers (player B).The purpose of CoR is for player A to find and chase player B. Eric Berne uses the “P.A.C.” (Parent-Adult-Child) method to truly define the games in this book.

Eric Berne uses very complex psychological testing to define the games and then translates it into a more understandable text. Evidence for that include the P.A.C. method, high-quality definitions and categorization, and relating games to real life.

It was hard to continue reading since the games being defined, in the chapter, are really boring. But for the most part, the games in the book are really exciting since some of the strangest secrets are uncovered from the games in the book.


Catching Fire by Nico

Can you imagine the government making people kill each other in an arena? This is just what happened in Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. This science fiction book takes place in District Twelve, the capital, and an arena. I chose this book because it was the second one in the trilogy and because I liked the first one, The Hunger Games.

Katniss is very caring. She does not care about keeping herself alive. Her goal is to keep Peeta alive. Katniss is very thoughtful and careful. She chose who she wanted for her team; unfortunately, they were not good. This book did not mention anything about the main characters’ outer traits. Katniss changes as the story progresses. At first, she just wants to run away with Gale. But at the end, she wants to fight the capital and win.

Katniss was thinking about starting a rebellion, but the Quarter Quill started and she had to go the Hunger Games. Peeta, the baker’s son, also had to go the Hunger Games. So they trained every day, but Katniss broke her leg. Luckily, it healed. When she got to the training center, Haymich told her to try to make friends. Katniss made friends with an eighty-year-old and with a great guy named Finnick. All the contestants were forced to be interviewed in front of a large crowd, an interview that was broadcasted. Peeta says that Katniss is pregnant, which is a lie. When the crowd heard this, they went crazy. Next, they had to go to the Hunger Games arena. As Katniss stepped into the capsule, Cinna examines her clothes, frowns, and says, “This won’t be very good for the games,” (pg. 262). She stepped into the capsule and watched in terror as Cinna gets beaten up. The capsule flies up. Will Cinna survive?

Catching Fire is about “resisting authority.” Katniss is trying to overthrow the ruthless, cruel government. She tried to start a rebellion with Gale and Peeta in the small hut in the illegal woods. She also tried to start a rebellion with people who were going to the Hunger Games with her. She wants freedom from a government that massacres people for entertainment.

I thought the beginning of the book was boring, the middle was okay, and the end was awesome. The book started off slow because nothing was happening except Katniss hunting in the woods and doing everyday things. But the end was awesome because there was an unexpected surprise. Read to find out what happens. At times, the book was happy, sad, and bloody. If you liked the Hunger Games, you should definitely give Catching Fire a try.


Out of My Mind by Faith

“Words. I’m surrounded by thousands of words. Maybe millions. Cathedral. Mayonnaise. Pomegranate. Mississippi. Neapolitan. Hippopotamus. Silky. Terrifying. Iridescent. Tickle. Sneeze. Wish. Worry,” (p. 1). These are eleven-year-old Melody’s thoughts. She’s stuck with them every day. Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper is a terrific realistic fiction book that takes place inside Melody’s head. I selected this book because my brother recommended it to me.

Life for Melody Brooks has always been very difficult. She is extremely smart, but nobody knows it. She can’t talk, walk, feed herself or hold anything. So as you can imagine, Melody has gone to a number of doctors that have all said the same thing. “Melody will never be able to walk on her own or speak a single sentence,” (p. 24). Despite these haunting words, Melody does finally find a way to communicate with people, the Medi-Talker. Melody can punch in a sentence or a phrase and the Medi-Talker will say it for her. With this new device and her own personal aid, Catherine, Melody is on top of the world. She is going to inclusion classes with normal kids, practicing with the Whiz Kids quiz team and playing with her newly made friend Rose. Soon Melody receives another wonderful gift. A little sister, Penny. Unfortunately, this great new world is turned upside down. The Whiz Kids team doesn’t let Melody know that their plane has been cancelled, giving Melody no chance to attend the national competition. In addition to all of that, a horrible tragedy strikes just days after the Whiz Kids leave her behind and Melody can’t help but blame herself. Will Melody ever get over these terrible events?

Melody Brooks, an eleven-year-old girl, was the main protagonist in Out of My Mind. Melody was a very intelligent kid. She aced the tests at the Whiz Kids quiz team tryouts and was a huge help to the Whiz Kids team. Melody was also very strong. She has always received strange looks from people when she’s being fed by her parents, drooling or sitting in her wheelchair all the time. However, Melody brushes the looks off and doesn’t let one person’s mean stare make her upset. Finally, Melody is a role model. She shows people that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Also, while Melody was working her hardest to make the Whiz Kids team, she was a nice and respectful person.

One of the main themes in Out Of Mind is don’t judge others by the way they look. Melody drools. Melody can’t talk, walk, feed herself, or do most things a kindergartner can do. However, Melody is the smartest kid in her entire school. Even Molly and Claire, two girls who were mean to Melody at the beginning of the book, started to learn not to judge Melody and accept her for who she was.

Out of My Mind was fantastic! I really enjoyed how the author made her book a combination of sadness and joy. For example, at the end something really sad and scary occurs. However, Melody and her family realize a lot of worse things could have happened. My favorite part of the book is when Melody wins the Whiz Kids regional competition with her teammates and is ecstatic. I recommend this book to anyone searching for a great, yet sad, realistic fiction book.



Savvy by Noah

Imagine having a great power, almost like a super power. Well, the charcater in my book, Mibs, has that. Savvy, by Ingrid Law, is set in present day Kansas and Nebraska. Since people have super powers, it’s obviously fantasy. I chose this book because it inspired me to believe in myself.

Mibs was a passionate kid. On the inside she was kind, but bold. On the outside she was an ordinary girl. She always was bright and follows through. She ran away from her house, was on the news as lost child, and made it to the destination, Salina hope Hospital. She wanted to be there because her dad had been in an accident and she wanted to see him. She started her adventure alone butt, met a few friends on the way. Like Fish. Well, he was part of the family. He has a savvy that can control the weather! He was her brother. Another friend Mibs met was Will. He had a crush on Mibs. He was a person that came over. They strengthened there friendship. Her sister Bobby was not really her friend but, just Will’s older sister. Mibs changes a lot. She becomes braver and friends with the people around her. In this book there is a car accident her dad was involved in. He went to the hospital. She wanted to go see him but her mom said no. So she ran away. And when she found him her father was . . .

The theme of this is COURAGE. I think this is the theme because the book has so many moments of courage. Like when Mibs ran away from home. Or when Lester accepted the kids on the bus. Or finally when Mibs insisted on staying in the hospital room even through a bunch of nurses and doctors said get out.

This book will take you on a ride with happy and sad moments. An example of a happy moment is when Mibs finally gets to see her dad. She is so thrilled. A sad moment is when she finds out her father was in a car wreck. This book taught me to believe myself. Like when Mibs was thinking, I’m going to get on a bus, and see my father. This book taught me so much I recommend it to any age reader.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School by Madison

Some people can live without technology, but for Greg Heffley going old school is painful. The joys and sorrows of Greg Heffley is the main focus on Jeff Kinney’s realistic fiction book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School. The book takes place in a small town in the United States. I chose this book because I read the first book and I fell in love with the series. So I had to read this book which is the tenth book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

13-year-old Greg Heffley is the protagonist in Diary of a Wimpy: Old School. Greg lives in a small town in the United States. He is unique. When everyone is playing outside, he is playing video games. Greg is also funny. When he does something bad, he will try to make a joke. Greg has three hair spouts and is short. Since the book is his diary, he is a cartoon character. Greg does try to use his best friend, Rowley, as a girl magnet.

Greg needs things like air conditioners and self-serve ice cream machines to survive. But as soon as his grandpa and mom walk in it basically means certain death for him. Greg’s mom decides to make a whole weekend for the whole town to go electronics free. She easily got 100 people to sign papers to help and of course town hall accepted the matter. Just as things seem awful Greg’s Grandpa is here and he does EVERYTHING old fashioned. This is typical for Greg but then Greg’s Grandpa crticizes everything they do and he aims for his son, Greg’s Dad. The person you don’t wanna mess with is Greg’s Dad. Now Greg’s Dad is getting extremely mad at everything even when you don’t put the toothpaste cap on the toothpaste tube. But the moment has arrived for Greg. It was time for the electronic free weekend. From running away with a kid and a crook to Girl Scout mania There’s one HUMONGOUS problem. Going old school. Can Greg survive this mess or will he not make it?

Overcoming challenges is one of the themes in this book. Greg can’t survive one minute without a tablet so he has to find a way to make the best of it. And when his parents and grandparent are always getting mad at him he finds a way out of it.

This book is interesting and humorous. I love how the author writes in second person and makes it feel like you’re in the book. The book has many illustrations in it and they are all spectacular. Anyone who likes The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and I Funny should read this hysterical book!

Loser By Kendall

Have you ever been called names before? Have you ever been teased? The book Loser, by Jerry Spinelli, is a fantastic realistic fiction book about a boy named Donald Zinkoff who is constantly teased and made fun of. The book takes place at school and outside. I chose this book because my friend Meghan recommended it to me.

Donald is the -uh– more- let’s just say that he is not so much the athletic type. For example, on field day he is put on the Purple Team with the best athletes and they make fun of him because he’s so slow. He loves school, and he has loved it since the beginning of first grade. He tries to get to school really early everyday. Also, Donald is a very kind boy who sometimes doesn’t know what’s happening. The very first day of first grade, Donald wore his giraffe hat to school. Everyone wanted to try it on and it got passed around the whole first grade, the whole second grade, and the whole third grade. When it got to the fourth grade, a tall boy with red hair claimed it as his own. Donald believed him and ran off, still happy as can be. Although Donald started off as a little boy who was different from everybody, he always tried to fit in. Throughout the book Donald Zinkoff remained a clumsy, quirky, and odd boy. He didn’t change at all. Even though students continued to tease and mock him, he stayed true to himself, and his parents and Mr. Yalowitz loved that. One person Donald has a connection with is Claudia, a little girl on his street. Claudia really enjoys Donald. She once gave him a balled up wad of gum that she found on the street. Donald considered it lucky. During the frst snowy day of the year Claudia goes missing. Donald decides to help find Claudia and treks out into the snow alone. Will Donald find Claudia? Or will he go missing too? Will anyone even notice he’s gone?

One theme of Loser is perseverance. When Donald was looking for Claudia he never gave up trying to find her even though he was alone, cold, and tired. Although he was made fun of and teased all throughout Elementary School, he ignored the comments and stayed true to himself. Another example was when kids were choosing sides to play two hand touch football. Bonce and Tuttle were captains. Donald was an extra because the teams were even. Bonce thinks Donald, “doesn’t know a leftover doesn’t stare down a chooser. Doesn’t know he’s supposed to look down at his shoes or up at the sky and wish he could disapear, because that’s what he is, a leftover, the last kid left.” (p.217-218) But Donald doesn’t back off and stares at Bonce. The one word Bonce never thought he would say comes out. He points and says, “Zinkoff.”

Loser is a book that will really make you feel for kids that are are different from others. Throughout the book Donald’s experiences reminded me of some of the kids at my old school who were either teased or the ones teasing. Whenever that happens I always try to stick up for those who are being teased. Loser can be tense at some points, but also fun to read. At one point in the story, a very athletic boy named Gary Hobin gets put on Donald’s team. He throws a huge fit and pleads for Donald to go on a differrent team. Donald doesn’t care. If you like realistic fiction and experiencing a range of emotions, this book would be great for you.

Caught by Jack

Imagine. All lives after 1903. Their lives dependent on you. Jonah Skidmore, the protagonist in Caught, had to deal with that overwhelming responsibility and he is only in seventh grade! I chose this science fiction book by Margarret Peterson Haddix because my friend recomended the first book in the series to me and I’ve been loving every book in the series!

Jonah and his sister Katherine, have had many strange expiriences with time travel. During their first trip through time, it was all about keeping time from changing alot in that time period. Each time, they changed their mind about the goal. This time was very different. Jonah didn’t think anything could get worse and he can be very stubborn and down in the dumps. One time he was very stubborn was when time stopped in the twenty-first century. He and Katherine went to their freinds house, Chip, but he didn’t want to. When Chip opened the door he was very pale. That’s when the craiziness started. After that, Jonah and Katherine were flying through time, yet, they still had an Elucidator, or a time-travel device. Jonah started a fight with Katherine and it all just went down-hill from there.
One of the many themes in this book is to not be afraid of new things. The way Margaret Peterson Haddix shows this is that this is Jonah and Katherine’s first time, and the first time for time travel, that someone who is in their own time, and hasn’t found out about time-travel, figures out time-travel. They don’t react very well to this. They acted that way because no one knew what to do.

In my opinion, this is one of the best books in the series so far. Margaret Peterson Haddix does a great job keeping you wondering what might happen next. Like when she abruptly makes you notice stuff that if you were there, would be easy to miss. It is a great read, yet, hard if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series. I wish this book never ended!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Nadia

Have you ever imagined a school having mysterious attacks, messages written in blood? That is what happens in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This book is a very interesting fantasy mystery story taking place in Hogwarts a school for wizards and witches, some of the Dursly’s home, and the Weasly’s home. I choose This book because I was wondering what happened after the first book.

The protagonist is Harry Potter, a wizard who just found out one year ago that he is magical. Harry is a brave, friendly, loyal person that always wants to help fellow wizards except Draco Malfoy. The evidence that Harry is loyal is he helped his friends even in very tough times, he also invited them to the Death Day party.Harry has short dark hair, glasses, and a lightning scar on his forehead. I think Harry is brave because he had to face a lot of bad things at the end of the book. Harry has two great friends at Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron, Harry also has a rival, Draco Malfoy, a wizard who is spoiled. The book starts with Harry with the Durslys, his guardians, Uncle Vernen tells Harry to behave because people are coming over, Harry gets a visit from Dobby, a house elf, Dobby tells Harry not to come to Hogwarts, Harry doesn’t listen. Harry is locked in his room, Ron, and two of his brothers come to save Harry, Harry climbs into the flying car they came in. He was saved.A little bit after that, Harry had to go to Hogwarts on a train. Harry and Ron missed the train. Ron and Harry had to take the magical car. Harry and Ron were late to school, they missed the feast, Harry and Ron eventually found the Griffindor dorm. A couple days later, There was writing on the wall about a place called the Chamber of Secrets. A teacher explains that the chamber of secrets was opened 50 years ago. Harry had a quittich game and he had to go to the hospital wing after it. Hermione was later attacked. Harry, Ron, and Hermione later find the chamber, in the chamber Harry meets a mysterious person. Who is this person? Will they ever find out what is making the attacks?

The theme of the book is Accepting others differences. I think this because in the book Draco Malfoy doesn’t like wizards who are different, also in the book it talks about how some people think they are bad and not worthy to study magic, these make me think, “Why do those people hate them? Why are they maybe bad?” In the end people should know that it doesn’t matter if your different than others.

My opinion about this book is it’s great! I love how this book plays around with your thoughts and almost never has any boaring parts. Another opinion I have for this book is, it is perfect for fantasy readers because it has magical stuff like, monsters and Giants with a mysterious story to go with it. If you loved the first book you will love this one!

Darth Paper Strikes Back by Collin

What productive thing were you doing in seventh grade? Tommy spent all of his seventh grade year going up against a group of correctional schooling officers. Tommy is one of the protagonists in Darth Paper Strikes Back, by Tom Angleberger. Darth Paper Strikes Back is in one of my favorite series, Origami Yoda. The Origami Yoda series is realistic fiction. This second book of the series takes place at modern time McQuarrie Middle School. I chose this book because I had heard it was a good quick read. I also heard about it through a booktalk.

Tommy’s friend, Dwight, the sixth grade oddball who walks around with a Yoda finger puppet, is in trouble. In early seventh grade, Tommy’s old friend Harvey, now a bully, came to school with a “Darth Paper” origami, and ruined everything. Last year Tommy was saved about 100 times, and he ended up dancing with Sara! All because of “Origami Yoda.” Dwight is weird, but any time he sticks his puppet on his finger, he gives amazing advice.

Now that Principal Rabbski has requested that Dwight be sent to a correctional schooling facility, Tommy and friends have to put together a case file to prove that Dwight is a nut, but also a nice guy.

Friendship is the main theme of this book. Tommy and Dwight’s friendship is so strong that Tommy goes up against grown-ups, such as the principal and the correctional schooling directors, just to give this odd kid his needed justice.

I really liked the style of the book. It is written through case files. It is the second out of six books and an origami folding bonus in the series. The books give you quick origami tips at the end. You do NOT need to know pretty much anything about Star Wars or origami to read this book. If you have read Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate, I suggest you read the Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger.

All My Holy Mountain by Pete

Can you imagine your father dying before you were even born? Benjiah’s father had died during his training camp. He then faced many challenges including Malek. They were chasing down right now. All My Holy Mountain, by L.B. Graham, is a fabulous fantasy. It takes place in Kirthanin, a world created by Allfather. I chose this book because it is in a great series called Binding of the Blade.

Malek and his army had retreated to the holy mountain. Benjiah and his army finally reached the holy mountain. While everyone else was fighting, Benjiah had seen Malek heading up the mountain. Benjiah and Valzaan, a close friend, went after him. Malek went into the city at the top, Avialone. Valzaan told Benjiah he had to go on alone. As Benjiah was going in, he caught a glimpse of Malek heading into the City Hall. Benjiah ran in after him. Malek grabbed a spear off of the wall. He threw it at Benjiah but missed and Benjiah picked it up. He thought about throwing it at Malek, but then he heard a voice in his head that said, “Lay it down.”Then, Benjiah put it down. Malek picked it up and drove it into Benjiah’s chest. Will he survive?

Benjiah is very brave. When Valzaan, Benjiah’s friend, said he had to go on alone, Benjiah could have stopped. He could have abandoned the plan to get Malek. He could have decided not to go up the mountain at all. Benjiah is also very trusting. That voice in his head might be fake, but he still dropped the spear. He did not have to go in the city when Valzaan told him to. However, he trusted him. Earlier in the book he wasn’t so trusting, but at the end, he trusted many people.

A theme of the book is perseverance. Benjiah didn’t catch Malek on the mountain so Benjiah caught him in the city. The army had lost many battles before but they kept fighting. They kept going to the mountain even though there were obstacles. They kept trying.

All My Holy Mountain is an exciting adventure. Benjiah and the others travel all over Kirthanin. If you like adventures, you should read the Binding of the Blade series. You should read the other four books in the series before you read All My Holy Mountain. The way the author explains it, I wish I could live in Kirthanin!

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star by Theo

Sitting still would be a mistake: Ignorance is no longer protection. Those are the very words will you see when you open the magical book, Fablehaven: rise of the evening star. Author Brandon Mull’s beautiful writing will transport you to a fantasy world, where Kendra and her brother, Seth are on a preserve for magical monsters. I chose this book because the first book was amazing, so I thought this book would be two, and I was right!

Kendra and Seth are back for more, in this tantalizing sequel to the wonderful book, Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull. We follow Kendrda, the smart young girl, who, in her last adventure, controlled the powerful fairy army, and saved fablehaven from utter destruction.The other protagonist is Seth, her brother, the couragous, yet somtimes foolhardy, boy who’s bravery led him in the fight against the evil demon, Bahumat. They proved their courage and cleverness when the twosome saved themselves, and countless others, from death, or worse. By the end of this story, Kendra and Seth changed inside and out. They became braver, stronger, and smarter after the wild adventure they had. Seth, for example, was smarter in the and. He proved this when he had a choice to either go inside a haunted mansion that was housing beings much more powerful than Kendra and Seth have ever seen. Kendra was stronger when They, in the end, were fighting a cat with nine lives, but each time it was killed, it comes back bigger and stronger than ever. Our story begins when an ugly kobold comes to Kendra’s school to spy on her and her brother, it seems that Kendra is the only one who can see it. It turns out that she has been fairystruck, which means that she has been claimed by the fairy queen as one of her kind. In effect, she has an assortment of magical powers. The kobold is ruining her life, and she calls a kobold exterminator. He convinces them to get a statue of a frog, and Seth complies, but when he picked it up from its pedestal, it bit him on his finger. It turns out that the exterminator was actually part of the evil Society of the Evening Star, and the statue that bit him is actually the demon named Ullmoch the glutton. It will stop at nothing to eat him, and before they know it, they are back on the preserve for magical monsters, Fablehaven. It’s owned by their grandfather, Grandpa Sorensen, and their grandmother, Grandma Sorensen, along with a host of other allies. A potions master dubbed Tanu, a magical creature specialist called Vannessa, and a grumpy artifact collector named Coulter. They must keep the forces of the Society of the Evening Star from gaining an artifact of immense power, that, when combined with seven other artifacts, will form the key to the demon prison, Zzyzx. That will mean the end of the world, releasing demons much more powerful than anything Kendra and Seth have ever seen. The artifacts are hidden on other preserves that are so secret, that none know of all of them. There is another problem, though. There is a traitor in the preserve! Time is running out, and They must find the traitor before the artiact falls into the wrong hands, or else…

One theme this book had was courage. In many places, it proves that no matter how small you are, courage, cleverness, and bravery will trump all. This is proved mainly in the latter half of the book, when Kendra and Seth were literally the size of salt-shakers, and used that to their advantage by taking doors made for fairies throughout their house to steal the keys to the dungeon. Another theme was magic, seen as this is set mostly on a preserve for magical monsters/creatures, and, if I do say so myself, the entire book is enchanting. 😉

For the most part, this is a great read, and if you like adventure or fantasy, then this is the book for you. There were many reasons this was a good book. Brandon Mull’s fabulous use of words weaves an inescapable plot that leaves you dreading the end. There were several times that I was feeling sorry, glad, or biting my fingernails with suspense for the sake of Kendra and Seth. Mull’s protagonists, antagonists, and even the minor characters are all special and unique to the story. Lastly, Brandon Dorman’s illustrious illustrations bring the story to life as the magical, wonderful tale it is.




Fantasy League by Owen

Think of yourself at the age of twelve knowing that a professional football team depends on who you pick. What would that be like? Charlie Gaines was put in that position in Fantasy League by Mike Lupica. This realistic fiction book takes place in present-day Los Angeles, California. I chose this book because I have read many Mike Lupica books. When I saw the back cover, it seemed like a perfect fit.

The main character in Fantasy League is Charlie Gaines. Charlie is an only child and his father left when he was young. Charlie is small for twelve and has dirty blonde hair. Charlie shows a strong friendship with Anna, whose grandfather is the owner of the LA Bulldogs. Charlie believes in himself to make the right calls even if that does give him a little bit of ego. Charlie also loves working together with everyone from the owner to just his regular classmates. Charlie shows friendship. When his secondary friend said something secret to his dad, a talk show host, Charlie could have acted like it was the worst thing in the world but instead he just acted like nothing had happened. Charlie shows courage. When he was with the owner for the first time he suggested that they pick up a new quarterback that could have made their team stink.

Charlie suggests a new quarterback and that new quarterback does really well. One of Charlie’s best friends tells his dad that Charlie suggested Tom Pinket for LA and the dad spreads the word. Soon Charlie is a celebrity. Charlie was feeling so confident that he suggested another player. That other player cost them two games. People became skeptical of Charlie. Then the owner, Anna’s grandfather, got very sick. Will things ever be the same again?

The theme of Fantasy League is overcoming challenges. When Charlie chose Tom Pinkett for the LA Bulldogs and that went well, it was hard for him when he choose a player who started off as a problem and cost the LA Bulldogs a couple of games.

I thought this book was brilliant! It really showed you what was happening and how this was affecting Charlie. I liked how it wasn’t so over dramatic when something good or bad happened, but it still made you worry, or leap with joy! I think that if you like other Mike Lupica books, or John Feinstein books, you would like this book.

The People of Sparks by William H.

Could you imagine being dirt poor and emerging from a cave, an underground city, that you called home? Well, the people of Ember did just that. The People of Sparks by Jeanne Duprau is a wonderful fantasy. This book takes place after the “disaster” in a valley unknown. I chose this book because I read the first book, The City Of Ember, and this is this is the second.

Lina finds a note in the underground city, the city of Ember. She and Her friend, Doon, found the outside world and left a note behind. So that everyone in Ember would be able to go to the outside world. Because all of Ember was dying, they had no food or water only souls to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The two friends knew that they had been living in a cave, all their lives. When they found the outside world, they think it’s so very bright and there are weird things flying in the sky. After all of Ember´s residents (all 400) got to the new world they set off walking. They walked for miles and miles.They thought they were going to reach the end of world. After many days of walking, they finally found a village, Sparks. The leaders of Sparks greeted the people of Ember and tried to agree on something reasonable. It was either the people of ember go on to the nearest village that is one hundred miles away. After hours of negotiations, the people of sparks decided they could stay. The people of ember slept on the ground next to the town hall, except Lina, Mrs. Murdo, and Poopy (Lina’s little sister.)They were sent to the doctor’s house. After a couple of days, the leaders of Sparks decided that the people should stay at the Pioneer Hotel. The leaders of Sparks wanted them to stay there for six months and learn from their work, but after six months they would have to leave and make a settlement of their own.

Lina is brave because she was the one in Ember to find a secret passage and walk ten miles to get to the outside world. Doon is very smart because he was the one to help Lina figure out a very complicated map that was the way out of Ember. Lina is very smart too because she had to lead her people to survive on the long walk to Sparks. The people of Ember were already struggling because they had been working so hard with little food. Some even fainted. It was too hot for the people of Ember. They were used to the cave where it was dark and cold. In Sparks it was 100° and humid.

The theme of this book is hard work can pay off. Because when the people of ember worked for six months they were learning to make a community.

If you want to have an intense reading, this book is the one for you. It teaches you that if you are alone, it would be much harder than you think. Building a community, even a house, is hard. This book is about courage and staying strong even though you know things will go severely wrong. I recommend this book to nine and ten-year-olds who have great imaginations.

The Hobbit by Josh

Imagine being persuaded by a band of dwarves and a wizard to go on a quest to defeat a dragon. That is what happened to a very nonadventurous hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo lived in Middle Earth a really long time ago in The Hobbit, by J R. R. Tolkien. I chose this fantasy book because I had read The Lord of the Rings, a series of books set after The Hobbit.

Hobbits are a bit like humans, though they have a few differences. For instance, they are a bit shorter in size, and are naturally born with curly hair. They need not wear shoes for their feet are thick and leathery. Bilbo was a kind and peaceful hobbit. He was also an extremely brave hobbit. For instance, when Thorin and company get captured by the wood elves, Bilbo risks his life to save them. Bilbo is sharing the adventure with the dwarves, Thorin and company.

When a group of thirteen dwarves unexpectedly came over to Biblo Baggins’s house, they persuade him to go on a quest to kill a dragon. The leader of the company of dwarves was called Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King Under the Mountain. A dragon called Smaug had taken over the Lonely Mountain, where the dwarves’ palace lay. He killed and ate most of the dwarves who lived there, while the rest escaped. Then, Thorin wanted to seek revenge on Smaug. So Thorin and company started their adventure, narrowly escaping being eaten by the trolls. When they killed them, they found the trolls’ lair, where Bilbo got a sword. As they tried to pass over the Misty Mountains, they had to find shelter. They found a cave, which in the end turned out to be an entrance for the Mines of Moria, the place where the goblins live. When they all got captured by the goblins, Bilbo got lost and separated from Thorin and company. When Bilbo woke up, he found a ring which could make you invisible if you put it on. He then narrowly escaped the goblins using the powers of the ring. Once they crossed the perilous Mirkwood, they came to Laketown. Laketown was next to the Lonely Mountain in which the dragon lay. When Thorin and company recovered from all of the injuries that they had gotten from Mirkwood, they started to climb up the mountain. When Smaug had discovered that they had been helped by the people of Laketown, he raged over to Laketown. . . Biblo changes in a number of different ways. From being a very relaxed, calm Hobbit, he turned into a very adventurous Hobbit. The other change was how he turned a bit friendlier in the book. At the start, he was quite rude to Gandalf and the Dwarves when he said to go away. But later on, he became friendlier even to people he didn’t know!

The theme in this book was to never give up. For example, when the dwarves were trying to persuade Biblo Baggins to join them on their adventure, they never gave up on telling him to come, until he gave in. Or when they arrived at the hidden door of the palace under the mountain, at first, they couldn’t get it. But when they tried and tried, they eventually found a way in. Lastly, when Bilbo was in the Mines of Moria, he was having a riddle contest with Gollum to determine whether he would get eaten alive, or whether he would escape. At some points, he was losing, though he still kept trying, until he won.

I think that The Hobbit is a very good book. It is quite descriptive, which I like. For instance, when Thorin and Company got sucked into The Mines of Moria, J. R. R. Tolkien put in a lot of description about their surroundings. Also, when they went inside the forest of Mirkwood, there didn’t seem to be much, but he used a lot of description about it. I also like how it’s a book that you can’t just pick up, then put back down. For instance, one day on the ride home from school, I was reading, and when we stopped, I couldn’t get out of the car until I had finished the chapter! Will Bilbo and Thorin and company escape and survive, or get eaten by Smaug? Read to find out!

The Hunger Games by Kennedy

Imagine you had to kill people for survival; for some this is a nightmare, for some it’s life.Only one can survive the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a fantastic fantasy book. While being based in future North America, it sometimes feels like it’s based in everyday life. I selected this book because I thought it would be a great book to read for fun, and because lots of people were reading it.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist, lived in District Twelve in future North America. Their country was called Panem. She went hunting everyday with her friend Gale to keep her little sister Prim, and their mother from starving since their dad died in a mine explosion. While Katniss had a very keen eye when hunting, she had doubts about if what she did was enough. She seemed very serious at first, because she worries a lot about money.

The Hunger Games was a competition between the districts. Each district had two representatives, a boy and a girl. Their job was to kill off everybody else. The winner got a house and lots of money, and the tribute’s district got prizes for a whole year, including things such as food. The girl tribute was Prim, but Katniss volunteered to take her place. The other tribute was Peeta Mellark who Katniss remembers. He gave her the burnt scraps of bread instead of feeding them to the animals. During the Games, Peeta went with the Careers (a group of people who train their whole lives for the games), and Katniss allied with Rue, a young girl. Prior to the Games, Katniss wasn’t very social, but she had to make friends with Peeta and learn to trust him. However, the Capitol kept on changing the rules, so Katniss wouldn’t trust anyone. When it’s down to the last four, will Katniss survive?

Survival is the main theme in The Hunger Games . Katniss had to work hard to survive throughout the whole book. Illegally hunting for food was how Katniss survived before the games. She also had to use her survival skills for the Games.

The Hunger Games is exciting and interesting. You never know what’s going to happen. Once you open the book, you never want to stop reading it. I would give this book a five out of five. Although it can be violent at times it’s one of my favorite books ever.

Maniac Magee by Edward

Imagine a life of uncertainty, living at times in an orphanage and at times with a happy family. Jeffrey, also known as Maniac, did just that in the realistic fiction book Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli. This story takes place in a small town called Two Mills some time after 1950. I chose this book because a room parent read a bit of it last year, and I really wanted to continue reading it.

Manaic Magee is a small, brown haired, thin, thirteen-year old boy. He is kind by not bragging because he is really athletic. Maniac is also very nice by untying his stepbrother, Hester, and stepsister, Lester, younger friends’ knots that they accidentally tie. Maniac is really fast. In part of the book he out ran a group of high school kids ten times his size. Throughout the book, Maniac changed by realizing the importance of family. In the story, Maniac gets into the biggest jam ever! This time, he is having a hard time getting out of that dilemma. Should Maniac warn his African-American friends about the bunkers and the guns? There are people making weapons because they think the African-Americans want to have a big war. Will Maniac warn them or be on the run again?

The theme for Maniac Magee is how families are both different and special. For example, Manaic lived in three different families and he treasured every one of them. Another example is that Maniac lived with an African-American family. He loved them like they were his birth family even though he was a different color skin. Maniac also was very sad when one of his foster parents, Grayson, died in his sleep five days after Christmas. He was sad because Grayson was the nicest foster parent he had ever had.

Reading this book makes me realize the importance of family. Throughout the book, Maniac proved to me that you can love your family no matter what your skin color is, or what your beliefs are, or how you act. Maniac also proved that to me when he read to and took care of his foster family. He would do the dishes without being told, run their dog, and clean their house.

I think Maniac Magee is a great book! I recommend this book to anyone who has read Space Station Seventh Grade, because it is also a great book that tells a story of a young boy and his feelings about everything he is going through. I enjoyed this book because it had comedy in it, but also made me think a lot about family.



When You Reach Me by Elizabeth

Think of yourself as a sixth grader. You have just lost your best friend, and you are trying to figure out who is sending you threatening letters. Wouldn’t that be hard to handle all at once if it was your life? That is what Miranda must face in When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. This realistic fiction book takes place in New York in the 1970’s. I chose this book because my mom got it for me, so she expected me to read it. However, I also thought it looked like a very interesting story. I have always loved books about the underdogs. The book just seemed like a perfect fit for me.

When You Reach Me is about a sixth grader Miranda. If I had to choose three words to describe Miranda I would choose hopeful, humble, and independent. She is humble because she backs up her mom whenever she can and doesn’t even think about herself when its needed. Miranda is also very hopeful, especially when her only friend, Sal, leaves her. He blams it all on her just because she was trying to help him fix his problems. Miranda just hopes that her best friend will come back. She is desperate to find a good friend to replace him. Miranda has learned over the years that if she gets lonely its just her and her mother. If she has a problem she has to keep it to herself. No one will care enough to listen. The one person that does care is her mother who has her own problems with her work and being a single parent. So Miranda became very independent. That got in the way of her life when she kept all of her secrets locked up inside. Miranda changes in the story. At first all she thought was that she had a fine life. It was just very simple and plain. As she changes, she starts having more courage in herself.

As the story began, Miranda would walk home with Sal. All was good until things got out of hand. Letters kept arriving. Miranda was scared when she found letters in places like her book and in her apartment. When she saw and read the letters she didn’t tell anyone,l and kept it to herself. Miranda realized that this person must know her because he or she wrote her name on the note. After that she keeps getting letters and doesn’t tell anyone until something happens that will change everything.

The theme of When You Reach Me is change in life. The one moment that best represents the theme is when Miranda realizes that her best friend, Sal, is never going to let their conflict go. That’s when she realized that she has her mom, and she is not all alone.

My thoughts and opinions about When You Reach Me were consistently changing. At first, I thought the book was one of those books that the main character is a underdog. As I read on, I realized that Miranda is not a underdog, she just thinks differently than other people. If you like books that make you think, When You You Reach Me may be a perfect choice.

Scumble by Thomas

Scumble, by Ingrid Law, takes place in Sundance, Wyoming. Scumble is a fantasy. I chose this book because I liked the author that came to our school and I thought I might like the book.

Fish, Ledge’s cousin, was getting married. Ledge was there to celebrate the marriage. He lived in a family that had magical powers called savvys. Everyone in the Beaumont family got a savvy when they turned thirteen-years-old. Ledge was thirteen so he had a savvy. His savvy was destroying things when he got scared, mad, or frustrated. His cousin Fish’s savvy was when he got mad he caused a big storm.  After a while Ledge learned to scumble and scumbling is where you learn to control your savvy so you can do it when ever you want Ledge is trying to scumble.

Ledge is the protagnist in Scumble. He had brown hair and he pervevered. He persevered when Sarah Jane took his Grandpa’s jar. Ledge doesn’t give up trying to find the jar. Ledge is also clever. He built a ladder to get to the window in the house.

Scumble is a really good book. I loved how the author made the family have magical powers called savvys. I really liked it when the characters learn to control and do magic with their savvy. Ledge, the main character, learned how to build with his savvy, when his savvy was actually destroying things. I would recommend this book to people who like action or magical powers like Harry Potter books.



Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Connor L

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a science fiction masterpiece by Jules Verne. The setting is mainly inside the earth, but some of it takes place in Germany and Iceland. I chose this book because I read a shortened version of this book and I wanted to read the entire story.

When Axel started to descend into Mt. Snaeffels with the professor and Hans, he began feeling the first wave of homesickness. This stayed with him for a while. After he is at the bottom of the hole, he slowly walked downhill. Little did he know how long that he would be walking. Later in the story, the little group was out of water. Hans saved them when he found a subterranean river. They named it the Hansbach in his honor. Eventually, Axel lost the group and the river, but he didn’t know that until it is too late. He lost a great deal of blood and was dying. Will Axel live to see the sky and the stars again?

A young man named Axel was the main protagonist. Axel was skeptical towards some equipment at the beginning of their descent. He traveled almost vertically down for 5,600 feet with very little use of the cord. Later in the story, Axel also doesn’t trust some of his weapons. He doubts that they could pierce the monster’s scales. However, Axel is very trusting of both his companions. Hans saved his life a number of times, and the professor had some great ideas which helped of their journey.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a great book. However, I think that Jules Verne should have written a sequel while he could. This story is a true classic and is very worthy of a sequel. Unfortunately, Jules can’t write a sequel now because he died of diabetes in 1905. Another thing I would change about the book is that there should be many men on this adventure, and all of them should die except for Axel, Hans, and the professor. Then the professor, Hans, and Axel must survive throughout the story. Why? Because that is life. Anyways, I think Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a great book, and I hope you think so to.


The Imaginary by Kendall

The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold is a fantastic fantasy. The story basically took place in Amanda’s house or outside. I chose this book because my parents thought that I would really like it, and I did!

One day while Amanda and Rudger were mining in a cave, there was a knock on the door. There stood a man and a girl. The man said that his name was Mr. Bunting. He asked Amanda’s mom how many children she had, that made Amandas mom and Amanda herself feel a bit odd. Then he glanced over her shoulder and saw Amanda. One day while Amanda and Rudger were going to the pool, they spotted Mr. Bunting. Amanda started to run, but she wasn’t looking where she was going. Suddenly there was a sharp pain and then darkness. Amanda was hit by a car. What will happen next? Will Amanda die, or will she recover? Will Rudger get eaten by Mr. Bunting, or will he get away?

Ten-year-old Amanda Shuffleup was the protagonist in The Imaginary. Amanda has brown hair and she was brave. She stood up to Mr. Bunting and his imaginary friend. Mr. Bunting ate imaginary people to stay alive. Amanda fought them even on the worst days. Amanda was also very imaginative. She loved to pretend that she was mining in a cave or discovering what’s on Mars with her imaginary friend Rudger. Barely anyone saw Rudger except for Amanda because he was imaginary.

The Imaginary was an awesome book. I liked how the author put in parts that made your breath get taken away. He also made you think about the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who has imaginary friends or anyone with a big imagination. My favorite part was when there is a breath taking moment where the reader doesn’t know whether Amanda is dead or not.


The Hunger Games by Nico

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a science fiction book that takes place in District Twelve and the Capitol. I chose this book because a lot of people read this book and said it was awesome.

Katniss has never had a proper meal. The reaping was near. She went to the Hunger Games. On the bullet train, she had proper meals and drinks like hot chocolate. She trained with Haymich to go into the Hunger Games. She pretended to be Peeta’s friend. During the test to see how high of a training score she would get, she got a bull’s eye. However, the game makers were more interested in the roast pig. So she shot an arrow at the pig, set down the bow, and excused her self. this is bad because they could cut her. During an interview, Peeta said that he loves Katniss. After that she gets sent Katniss goes to the Hunger Games.


Katniss was very brave because she gose hunting every day in a forest with linxes and wild boars. The forest is illegal. Katniss is caring of her sister by going hunting and cooking every day. She is protective of her sister because instead of letting her sister go to the Hunger Games, she volunteered to go her self.

I liked the book because. one minute there a problem and it gets worse and worse. It also is adventures because she is trying to win the hunger games. This is my favorite book ever.

The Daughters by Seldy S

The Daughters, by Joanna Philbin, is realistic fiction that takes place in New York City. I selected this book because it was the only book I could find.It turns out that I really enjoyed it!


Lizzie can tell why the people of US and People Magazine voted Katia as the prettiest women alive! Lizzie can’t imagine what it would be like to have people stumbling left and was right to get a picture of her. The only time a picture its because she was the “Prettiest woman alive’s daughter.” No one was ever called Lizzie beautiful. This made makes sense because she was not. Lizzie is was sick and tired of hearing how beautiful her mother but this book was no “Like Mother like Daughter” book. When Lizzie got dragged to an award ceremony she was sitting by her self. She watched people hunched over her mom to get a few quotes. Lizzie was so mad that her mother did not notice her sitting in the corner. All of a sudden one of the reporters came over to Lizzie and asked her name? She told him she was Lizzie Summers. The man asked what Lizzie thought of her mom’s clothing line. With all of Lizzie’s anger and madness she blurted out… Lizzie said it was awful! Her face got bright red and she felt like running away. Later, back in the apartment Katia called Lizzie into her bedroom. They got in a huge fight about what Lizzie said. Lizzie was crying on the steps thinking that she was the ugliest person ever alive. The next day Lizzie’s mom went to Paris! There was a note on the counter!​ What will happen to Lizzie? Will Lizzie ever talk to her mom again to find out read The Daughters!

Twelve-year-old Lizzie the protagonist in The Daughters. Lizzie was brave. She stood up to her mother when her mother was stuck up about her looks. Lizzie was also emotional. Lizzie cried almost evrey time someone said something about her compared to her mom.

One of my new favorite books now is The Daughters! It was so exciting and also funny. If you like a good sassy realistic fiction book about fashion, this is the book for you.

Lost In London by Allison P

Lost In London, by Cindy Callahan, is realistic fiction. I selected this book because I have always wanted to go to Europe.

Jordan Jacoby lived in Wilmington, Delaware. She had a VERY boring life. She had never done anything exciting. But when the school sponsored trip to go to London came up she begged her parents to go. Finally, they said yes. A few weeks later, Jordan headed off to London. She stayed with her friend, Caroline, in a mansion there. Jordan and Caroline went off with some friends to go shopping. Caroline decided that they should go to Daphnes, the world’s largest department store. When they are there, Jordan and Caroline get locked in Daphne’s. Will they ever get out? Will they get in trouble?

The protagonist in Lost In London was a twelve-year-old girl named Jordan. She was very happy. Even when things did not go her way, she would always try to look on the bright side. Jordan was also fashionable. She learned she loved fashion when she went shopping with her friend. Caroline gave her a makeover and bought Jordan fancy things. Jordan realized that she loved fashion.

Lost In London was a great book. The author really makes you curious about what was going to happen next. I recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion. I really liked the part when Jordan gets a makeover. I really liked the part because I think it would be fun to get a makeover.